Our services are designed to help you decide what level of independence you wish your organization to achieve from application lifecycle management responsibilities, which inherently will allow you to focus on core business functions.


Custome Software Custom Software Projects - Our development methodology provides consistent results evident by the fact that we do not quote projects by the hour rather by the cost of project to you. Your organization gains on our expertise at managing software projects within budget and time constraints. We invest time & effort in acquiring skills in latest technologies, architectures and processes to deliver quality, stable and reliable software solutions that reduce your operation costs over time.
Maintenance Maintenance & Support - We can help you with keeping the "lights on" on your existing applications and optionally augment the service with proposals for technology upliftment projects to reduce your operation costs. Our expertise in managing support processes and effective use of knowledgebase technologies helps you with faster turnaround at issue resolution. We help you convert variable costs to fixed cost, by quoting for a duration to support your application base rather than volume of issues.
Solution Managed Solutions - This combines a project phase and an operations phase. We quote you the combined cost to be realized over the duration of the contract, which removes the variability and converts this to a fixed cost for you over time. We normally would want to host the solution on our servers, assuming that to be your preference, but can optionally work with your organization to host it on your infrastructure with agreed upon SLA.