Value Proposition

Managing software projects is not an easy task. For most companies Information Technology is not the core business. The management needs of application development groups are much different than the core business. This leads to higher costs in application projects and the delivered products and services not meeting the core business expectations.


Olive Software Direct helps you in many ways to overcome the challenges of software development and deployment. Here are a few readily recognizable advantages:


Flatten Flattened Costs - We prefer to work on projects based on fixed fee. We can work on per hour basis as well. Fixed fee allows you to convert your variable cost into fixed cost. We deliver software projects in iterations and expect to be paid on completed delivery of iteration. The subsequent iterations build upon functionality built in previous iterations. With every iteration you realize the value of your investment.

Our software offerings in the form of service bring you quality applications at competitive prices. There is a array of service offerings that you can choose from to build your application portfolio.

Life Cycle Managed Lifecycle - The very nature of the process enforces documentation at every step, ensuring that the project is well documented and there are no uncertainties. Building software is just half the story, implementing the business process is the other half, during this time the documentation helps resolve conflicts in perception, as to the thought process that went into building the software, to suit the process.

Success Successful Project - Not only does our process force us to be consistent in delivery, but also imposes a process on your end to have clearly thought through requirements and scope control to ascertain the success of the project, within agreed upon constraints. The accountability enforced on both ends helps reduce the associated risks.